What’s the latest state of affairs regarding the COVID-19 measures?

There are different precautions in place to stop the corona virus. These rules exist to stop you from getting sick, or getting anyone else sick. Thank you for following them. We can stop the spread of the virus together.

Some cities or regions may have different or additional measures – we’d recommend also checking your local website. The rules below are in place starting June 25th.

How do I move into the Belgium campuses safely?

You’re currently allowed to travel freely. Don’t use public transport. If you’re above 12 years old, it’s mandatory to wear a mask or scarf over oyur mouth and nose.

What are the measures concerning educational institutions?

Adult education institutions may resume their teaching and activities in accordance with Community guidelines and additional measures undertaken by the federal government.

Everyone above the age of 12 is obliged to cover their mouth and nose with a mask or another fabric alternative in cinemas, theaters, concert and conference halls, auditoriums, museums, libraries, casinos and slot machine halls and at the fair. If covering one’s face isn’t possible due to medical reasons, a face shield may be worn instead. In auditoriums, the mask may be removed for the time needed to food or drink. In non-publicly accessible parts of the auditorium, it’s not mandatory to wear a mask on the condition that these parts are completely separate from the publicly accessible ones and this is not in conflict with other guides or protocols.

An auditorium is a large lecture hall that can accommodate hundreds of listeners. The seats are arranges in rows or parallels, with an elevation the further back one is seated. Our educational institution has classrooms like that in some of our campuses. As a student, you’re obliged to put in a mask in these rooms.

A conference room is a space specifically designed for meetings. The layout of such a room often consists of a large table, around which the attendees can sit. We avoid this setup. All benches in our classrooms are arranged in parallel, so the teacher in front of the class can address the entire audience.

What measures are being taken in the school buildings?

  • Only registered students are allowed in a reserved classroom
  • During practical lessons, students practice on each other. Models are not allowed
  • There’s only one class per day in a classroom
  • We’re amped up the frequency and intensity of our cleaning procedure
  • We ventilate the classrooms as much as possible before, during and after class
  • There are disinfectant products available
  • We do an attendance registration for the follow-up.
  • We offer distance learning through eCampus
  • Face masks are mandatory if it’s not possible to maintain a safe distance

How do we safely study with others?

  • If you have any symptoms, stay home
  • Before coming to class, always check https://www.info-coronavirus.be/
  • Make use of classroom space – sit as far apart as possible
  • Wash your hands before taking a seat in the classroom
  • Always bring your own supplies(disinfectants, course materials, pens) to avoid direct contact with classmates
  • Wear a mouth mask when needed or when you can’t keep a distance from your classmates
  • Leave the building immediately after class
  • When you pass the exam, no high fives J